Charges & Requirements

Our services are very much tailored to your requirements. The company aims to provide a holistic service giving you the peace of mind of one point of contact and one company handling all aspects of your time in Zambia thus ensuring no balls are dropped, and that in the event there is a vehicle breakdown or a flight delay, that we already know who to contact at the next port of call.  As such services include but are not limited to:

Charges and Terms:

Once we know what services you require, a detailed quotation will be sent to you for approval.

All third party expenses for services not directly offered by A to Z Solutions (such as accommodation, flights, licenses, fees and customs/clearing costs) will include a handling fee of 15%. This covers taxes, and a small administration fee.

A non-refundable engagement fee of USD 500 will be required in order to commence services.  This will be deducted from the final fixing fee,.  Prior to travel and upon the  acceptance of the quotation 50% of all fixing fees (less the USD 500 engagement fee) as well as all Third Party costs must be paid in full ahead of travel in order to secure services. The balance, as well as any incidental costs incurred and agreed upon during the shoot will be paid within 7 days of completion of filming. 


Customers are paying for an all-inclusive service that will ensure a seamless and efficient production experience in Zambia.  With A to Z Solutions buying power, we are able to offer competitive rates for all services, as well as invaluable advice and networking opportunities. 


Credits and Copies: 


On completion of your production we would be grateful to have A to Z Solutions listed in the credits.


It should be noted that a copy of the film is also a requirement from a number of the authorities and is a condition of your permit from DNPW if filming in a National Park.  This can be issued post release but it is essential this is done.  The copy will be kept in the DNPW archives and will not be used for commercial gains. If DVD’s are couriered to A to Z Solutions we will ensure the distribution locally.


Conditions and Requirements:


Due to the formalities of obtaining the appropriate licenses and press passes, please consider the following when coming to Zambia:


  • Due to the timelines for processing various applications a minimum of 30 days notice should be given prior to arrival in country.


  • For the temporary importation of equipment the same arrival and departure port must be used.


  • Customs generally only clear equipment in and out of the country on Temporary Importation during normal working hours, as such in order to avoid equipment being held overnight it is advisable to arrive and depart between 0800 and 1700 Monday to Friday and to avoid public holidays – A to Z Solutions can advise you of these.  If however this is not possible then an ‘out of hour’ surcharge will be levied.


  • If connecting flights are being used both inbound and outbound, please allow for at least 2 1/2 hours between flights for the processing of the Temporary Importation of equipment


  • A comprehensive list of all equipment will need to be sent through to A to Z Solutions which will need to include the serial numbers, values and total number of bags/cases and the total value of the equipment being used.


  •  ZANIS forms to be completed by each crew member – A to Z Solutions will provide the relevant forms to be completed


  • JPEG passport photos of each crew member to be emailed to A to Z Solutions where we will print these locally for the ZANIS press passes


  • Cover letter addressed to the Station Manager ZRA – Zambian Revenue Authority regarding Temporary Importation of equipment – A to Z Solutions will provide a template

  • If filming in a National Park a Cover letter addressed to the Director General, DNPW, Chilanga outlining the purpose of filming, anticipated distribution and the full crew details, dates of filming and location.

  • If using a RPAS a cover letter addressed to the Director General, Zambian Civil Aviation Authority, KK International Airport, Lusaka outlining the purpose of brining the unit/s into Zambia, locations for filming, all details of the unit to be used including make, model, serial number and registration, as well as details of the operator, license and passport details.

  • Letter of guarantee from Production Company to A to Z Solutions providing a guarantee of full payment as well as a 5% penalty/handling fee in the event the security deposit is banked due to equipment not being successfully re-exported


  • Provide a Production Brief/Tear sheet to accompany all applications outlining the purpose of the filming, anticipated distribution etc.


  • With the above in mind A to Z Solutions will provide templates for all the necessary letters to be copied onto your Company Letter head.  Our hope is to assist with your up-coming shoot in Zambia making it a hassle free experience.

We will ensure your time in Zambia is productive, and hassle free so that you can focus on your expertise – filming and production!