Our services are very much tailored to your requirements however the company aims to provide a holistic service giving you the peace of mind of one point of contact and one company handling all aspects of your time in Zambia thus ensuring no balls are dropped, and that in the event there is a vehicle breakdown or a flight delay, that we already know who to contact at the next port of call.  As such services include but are not limited to:

Permits and Licences:


Application and facilitation for the issuance of Press Passes endorsed by the Zambian Police.  A to Z Solutions will print off all passport photos, application forms and submit these to ZANIS with a cover letter and follow up.  The various letters of support from ZANIS upon issuing the Press Passes will then be delivered to the relevant Authorities such as the Zambia Revenue Authority – ZRA for the issuance of Temporary Importation Permits.


If you will be filming within a National Park it is essential that written permission is obtained through the Head Office in Chilanga and that as per the latest filming requirements that all filming fees are paid to HQ in advance of obtaining the final letter of approval.  A to Z Solutions will assist in fast tracking and obtaining the requisite permissions and will make payment on your behalf.


This is a requirement for any equipment entering Zambia.  A to Z Solutions will provide assistance and coordination with clearing agents and the Zambia Revenue Authority – ZRA in the issuance of a TIP for specialized filming equipment to enter and exit the country without attracting duties.  The use of A to Z Solutions TPIN number and cover letter where it is essential that you have a letter of support and guarantee from a Zambian registered company in order for the TIP to be issued.  A to Z Solutions will also cover the security deposit on your behalf against a letter of guarantee from the Production Company.  Personal airport assistance with Customs to ensure a smooth arrival and departure.



For most nationalities individuals are able to work in Zambia for up to 30 days in a 12 month period on a Standard Business Visa which is obtained on arrival at a cost of USD 50 (depending on Nationality – to be confirmed prior to travel).  If however you intend to be filming in Zambia for longer than 30 days, or if any of your crew members have already spent time in Zambia in the past 12 months and will overrun the 30 days, A to Z Solutions will assist with the facilitation, coordination and application of Temporary Employment Permits through the Department of Immigration.  



Any other permits necessary from Conservancies, Airports, Museums, Railways, Roads, Mines, and Private Facilities.


Location Advise, Scouting and Introductions: 


With our local knowledge, A to Z Solutions is well positioned to provide location advise, logistics and viability of particular areas depending on weather conditions and accessibility.  We are also able to assist with introductions to various experts on the ground including, researchers, and various NGO’s and organisations working in a range of wildlife and conservation fields, as well as assist with introductions to a number of Zambia’s ‘personalities’ and celebrities.


Equipment Hire and Purchase:



Due to the ongoing difficulties of transporting Lithium batteries by air - A to Z Solutions now owns a number of VL-140 14.4V 140W/H V-LOK batteries as well as a charging unit.  These are available for hire when booking services through us.


Due to the nature of filming in Zambia where a number of locations are remote and do not have main line electricity A to Z Solutions can assist with various power solutions.


Despite the filming industry still being relatively young here in Zambia, as the industry evolves and develops so does the local resource base where although still somewhat limited there is some equipment now available for hire.That said, it is often highly priced and is best to prepare to be self-sufficient where possible.


Logistics, Planning and Bookings for Third Party Services:


Being based here in Zambia and having built up a relationship with a number of third party suppliers, A to Z Solutions is able to provide a wrap around service including bookings, coordination and payments with third party suppliers.  Generally we are able to negotiate preferential rates, which we pass onto our client with a transparent 15% handing and administrative fee.  This generally ensures a more attractive rate than if you were to approach the supplier directly.


These may include but not limited to:

  • Accommodation – either Hotel/Lodge/Camp or privately outfitted camp tailored to your needs and budget

  • Vehicle Hire and Transfers – either on a self drive basis or with a driver in and around Lusaka as well as in the field

  • Hire of Specialized Filming Vehicles – subject to availability

  • Flights – Scheduled, Chartered and Helicopter as well as aerial photography

  • Transport of Equipment either by road or air

  • Fuel drops and general provision procurement and delivery to remote locations


Medical Insurance and Air Evacuation: 


Working in remote areas, A to Z Solutions understands and appreciates the importance of meeting international Health & Safety standards.  As such and even if you have your own International Medical cover, we highly recommend obtaining an additional Medical air evacuation cover whilst in Zambia where A to Z Solutions will arrange cover through SES.  This means in the event of an accident or medical emergency, whilst you are trying to reach your International insurer who may not be as familiar with the situation on the ground, that you have the peace of mind that your crew will be in the best hands and that evacuation with a state of the art aircraft and accompanied by Paramedics who are familiar with the conditions and area will be on hand and at the scene as soon as possible.  Depending on the circumstances air evacuation would generally be to the nearest suitable facility, more often than not – Johannesburg, South Africa.

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