Film Fixing Solutions

 in zambia 

For an efficient and hassle-free production experience in Zambia! 


A to Z Solutions Ltd is, proudly, the first dedicated film fixing company in Zambia. Established in 2013, owned and run by Managing Director/CEO  Anita Barrett (nee Balletto), A to Z Solutions delivers first class film fixing and facilitation services to Wildlife Documentary, Reality Show and Feature Movie Filmmakers, providing a tailored experience to meet and exceed all production needs and requirements.


A to Z Solutions offers extensive local knowledge and hands on experience. We are fluent in the nuances of working in Zambia, from a deep understanding of local customs and cultures, to expertise in indigenous fauna and flora. Our small team ensures an unprecedented attention to detail and a holistic ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to working within the country. 


Over the past few years we have worked with Film crews from Canada, the US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, China, France, Kenya, New Zealand, Czech Republic, and South Africa.  Over the years our clients include the BBC, Silverback Films, Plimsoll Productions, WildStar Films, Natural History New Zealand, Yuan Fang Media, Terramater, WWF, IFAW, Brookesia Productions, Netflix, Warner Bros, Off the Fence, Into Nature Productions, Humble Bee Productions, Polyphon, Earth Touch, STV Production Denmark 



A to Z Solutions aims to be your sole point of contact in providing a holistic service tailored to your specific requirements.


As such, services include but are not limited to: Permits, Licences, Location Advice, Scouting, Introductions, Equipment Hire and Purchase, Logistics, Planning, Booking for Third Party Services, Medical Aid and Air Evacuation.


Charges & Requirements

Once we know what services you require, a detailed quotation will be sent to you for approval.


All third party expenses for services not directly offered by A to Z Solutions (such as accommodation, flights, licenses, fees and customs/clearing costs) will include a handling fee of 15%. This covers taxes, and a small administration fee.


A non-refundable engagement fee of USD 500 will be required in order to commence services.  This will be deducted from the final fixing fee.  Prior to travel and upon the  acceptance of the quotation 50% of all fixing fees (less the USD 500 engagement fee) as well as all Third Party costs must be paid in full ahead of travel in order to secure services. The balance, as well as any incidental costs incurred and agreed upon during the shoot will be paid within 7 days of completion of filming. 


Customers are paying for an all-inclusive service that will ensure a seamless and efficient production experience in Zambia.  With A to Z Solutions buying power, we are able to offer competitive rates for all services, as well as invaluable advice and networking opportunities. 


Our Clients

2013 Cream Productions Inc & BBC Canada - Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan

2013 Tigress Productions UK

2014 Earth Touch & Smithsonian Chanel - Hippos After Dark

2015 Earth Touch - Crazy Monster Bugs

2015 Earth Touch - Crazy Monster Bats

2015 Iniosante - Last of the Longnecks

2015 Terre Mater & Vulcan - The Ivory Game

2015 Nobody’s Girls Inc - The Only Real Game

2015 Plimsoll Productions - Camp Africa

2015 Tusk Trust & Sepctrecom Films - Tusk Trust Annual Awards

2016 Alaska TV & Big Banana - Fishing Impossible Series

2016 BBC Newsday - Human/Wildlife Conflict for CITES

2016 Homebrew Films - Wildlife Odyssey

2016 - KEO Films Ltd - Life at the Edge for BBC1

2016 Plimsoll Productions - Camp Africa South Luangwa National Park, Kasanka National Park, North Luangwa National Park

2016 Petco Foundation & Steven Latham Productions - Shelter Me

2016 Renegade Pictures UK Ltd - Get a Wild Life – Channel 4 Series

2016 Tusk Trust & Spectrom Films -Tusk Trust Annual Awards

2017 International Fund for Animal Welfare - Elephant Collaring

2017 The Bigger Picture & David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - A fund raiser for a Charitable Art Exhibition

2017 Urban Brew Studios - Raising Wildlife



Winner - "Golden Panda" - Wildscreen 2017

Winner - "Best Theatrical Documentary" - Wildscreen 2017

Winner - "Green Film Award" - Cinema for Peace 2017

Winner - "Outstanding Documentary" - Humane Society 2017

Winner - "Game Changer Award" - Tusk Trust 2017

Short list - "Best feature documentary" - OSCARS 2017

Official selection - Telluride Filmfestival 2016

Official selection - Toronto Filmfestival 2016

Official selection - Beijing International Filmfestival 2017

Nominated - "Best Feature documentary" - Cameraimage 2016

Nominated - "Best Feature documentary" - Doc New York 2016

Nominated - "Best Feature documentary" - Savannah 2016

Nominated - "Best Sound Design" - MPSE awards 2017


Official selection – Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2017

Official selection – San Francisco Green Film Festival 2017

Official selection - Sun Valley Film Festival 2017

Official selection – Environmental Film Festival In the Nations Capital 2017

Cinema Planeta – International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico 2017