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A to Z Solutions is a film fixing and logistics company delivering customised facilitation services to filmmakers and film crews producing content in Zambia. 

Over the past two decades A to Z Solutions have provided customised services for hundreds of clients from every corner of the world. Our clients’ productions have included wildlife, human interest and social impact documentaries, reality shows, and feature length movies that have screened on the best-known international channels, streaming platforms and in cinemas. 



A to Z Solutions aims to be your sole point of contact during your time in Zambia, providing an integrated solution that gives you peace of mind. As such, our service offering can include:


permits, licences

& Accreditation


  • Department of National Parks & Wildlife (DNPW)

  • Zambia News & Information Services (ZANIS)

  • Temporary Importation Permits (TIPs) through Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)

  • Immigration (where necessary)

  • Zambian Civil Aviation Authority (ZCAA) for drone use

  • Other – National Heritage, conservancies, airports, museums, railways, roads, mines, and other private facilities.

* The above outlines the broad service offering. Once we know what services you require and have information of any bespoke additions, a detailed cost estimate will be sent to you for approval.

** Please note that any Third-Party expenses for services not offered directly by A to Z Solutions will include a transparent handling fee to cover local taxes and administration.
About A to Z

About Us

Our small team of dedicated professionals headed by founder, Anita Barrett, is fluent in every nuance of operating in Zambia, possessing both a deep understanding of the statutory regulations and processes, and the local customs and cultures. With this extensive knowledge and two decades of applied experience, we provide our clients a comprehensive range of individual services that ultimately culminate in a fully integrated solution, with one point of contact. 

About our Founder


Anita was born and raised in Kenya and has been active in the safari industry, conservation, and logistics in East and Southern Africa for almost three decades. With a BSc in Zoology Anita’s professional life started in the tourism and hospitality industry in Kenya and Tanzania before she moved to Zambia 14 years ago where her experience diversified to include the first dedicated film fixing and production logistics company, A to Z Solutions. Her passion and dedication to the conservation and preservation of Africa’s wildlife has seen Anita opted onto several Boards with significant influence, including Conservation Lower Zambezi, The Elephant Charge, Bio Carbon Partners, ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority – now Department of National Parks & Wildlife), and Zambia Tourism Association Marketing Committee – the latter two being Ministerial appointments, and testament to her commitment to the Zambian Wildlife Estate. 


As CEO of A to Z Solutions she personally oversees all operational and logistical planning, as well as service delivery; and through her vast experience is able to advise on and consolidate even the most challenging of production experiences.

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